1st Edition

I've been clowning around the world now for over 25 years and the time has come for me to sit down and put all my photos and stories into a book.

Some of the stories will include some of the people I've worked for or been with like Jack Lemmon, President Ford, Bob Hope, Fuzzy Zoeller, Arnold Palmer, Robert Wagner, John Denver, Ben Hogan, Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Prince Charles, Jimmy Stewart, Chichi, Nancy Lopez, Prince Faisel from Saudi Arabia, Charley Pride, Kevin Kostner, Magel & Gene Roddenberry, Sonny Bono, Congressman Dan Burton, Football Coach Jackie Sherrill, Celine Dion, Joe Hanna, Steve Allen, Uncle Milton Berle, Mr. 59 Al Gieberger, Annika Sorrenstam, Amy Alcott, Spanky, Liberace, Michael Jackson, Paul Newman, Susan & Bill Marx, Rosie Jones, Roger Pensk, Jim Webb, Patti Sheehan, Ayako Okamoto, Red Skelton, John Gotti, Don Johnson, President Bush, Bob McCurry, Donna Mills, Robert Stack, Kato Kaelin & OJ, Mike Tyson, Evander Holifield, Julio Cesar Chavez, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Rush Limbaugh, Heather Locklear, Andy Williams, Chuck Conners, Ronald McDonald, Yogi Bear, Dick Van Dyke, Frank Sinatra, Lois Laurel aka Stan Laurel's daughter, Astronauts Gene Cernan, Alan Shepard and Neil Armstrong, etc., etc., etc.

 I'll also have stories about some of the Children's Hospitals I've visited, the White House Tour, Tiger Tops Jungle in Nepal and a leprosy Colony in Karachi, Pakistan in 1979.

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